The Winter Sale Begins at 12pm Boxing Day (Tuesday 26th December)

Love warm. Love cosy. Love your home.

The Lifestyle Furniture Winter Sale is on its way, starting from 12pm on Boxing Day in both our Main Showroom at Snugborough Trading Estate, Union Mills, and in our second home for boutique collections and designer brands, Lifestyle Furniture at the Mill, Tynwald Mills.

As 2024 approaches, it’s a great time to think about how we can refresh our living spaces.

Comfort and joy all year round? That’s what our Winter Sale is all about!

With special offers across our entire stylish and eclectic range of sumptuous sofas, beds, living and dining furniture, décor, plus 20% off art and accessories, you’re bound to find something that will transform your home.

Here’s some inspiration for a little home rejuvenation:

1. Sleep in Style

A good night’s sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. It affects everything we do, including our mental and physical health. So, investing in a good bed and mattress can really make all the difference. In our Sleep Sanctuary, you can find a range of beautiful beds and comfy mattresses that don’t just promise comfort but also add a touch of elegance to your bedroom. Choose from a variety of styles to match your personal taste.

2. Decorate & Illuminate

Lighting and wall art can dramatically change the ambience of a room. Explore various lighting options that can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Complement these with some unique wall art from our handpicked collections, giving your space superb character and a style that’s truly ‘you’!

3. Redefine Your Dining Experience

If the kitchen is the heart of your home, the dining area is the soul! Why not give it a little love with a brand-new look? Discover our range of exquisite dining tables, chairs, bars, stools and more in the Lifestyle Furniture Winter Sale, from classic to contemporary, each piece designed to enrich your dining experience.

The Lifestyle Furniture Winter Sale — Starts 12pm on Boxing Day (Tuesday 26th December 2023)

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Tues 26 Dec (Boxing Day) 12pm – 5pm
Wed 27 Dec 10am – 5pm
Thurs 28 Dec 10am – 5pm
Fri 29 Dec 10am – 5pm
Sat 30 Dec 10am – 5pm
Sun 31 Dec (New Year’s Eve) 1pm – 4.30pm
Mon 01 Jan 2024 (New Year’s Day) CLOSED
Tues 02 Jan 2024 10am – 5pm

The Biggest Pink Weekend Ever – Thurs 23 to Mon 27 Nov 2023

It’s big, it’s pink, and it’s here to transform your home.

At Lifestyle Furniture, we like it bold and vibrant, so ‘Black Friday’ always sounded a little humdrum to us.

And why limit it to just one day? Why not give our lovely customers a whole weekend (and a couple of days extra!) to enjoy the biggest special offers on our very best furnishings and décor?

And why not paint it gloriously pink?

Get ready for The Biggest Pink Weekend Ever — a five-day shopping event from Thursday 23rd to Monday 27th November 2023, giving you amazing reductions on everything you need to style up your space, from sumptuous sofas, beds and mattresses, living and dining furniture, art, accessories, lighting, and so much more.

In our main showroom at Snugborough Trading Estate, you can enjoy up to 70% off all items in our Clearance Warehouse.

Not only that, but we’ve vastly expanded this space to more than double the size, giving you even more choice of the finest furniture ranges available on the Island.

You can find our Clearance Warehouse just next door to the main entrance.

And the offers don’t end there.

Inside both our main showroom and Lifestyle Furniture at the Mill, Tynwald Mills, you’ll see that we’ve placed bright pink stickers on selected items, offering hundreds of pounds worth of savings!

But a shopping event shouldn’t just be about the offers. This year, we are beyond delighted to announce that every purchase you make will go towards local Isle of Man charity, Breast Cancer Now.

We will be donating a proportion of all sales to support their vital work in helping to improve early detection of and developing better treatments for breast cancer.

We will also have collection buckets throughout our two stores should you wish to make a personal donation to this very special organisation.

Go PINK this weekend. Transform your home. Help support an amazing cause.


Join us Thursday 23rd – Monday 27th November 2023 for The Biggest Pink Weekend Ever at Lifestyle Furniture, Snugborough Trading Estate, Union Mills, and Lifestyle Furniture at the Mill, Tynwald Mills.

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Summer Sale Now On at Lifestyle Furniture Isle of Man

Summer Sale 2023 at Lifestyle Furniture

The mercury’s hitting the high notes. The unmistakable smell of sunblock and overcooked sausages wafts through your kitchen window.

Summer’s back in a big way… which means it’s time for our hottest sale of the year!

Welcome a fresh season of style into your home with the Lifestyle Furniture Summer Sale — now on in our main showroom at Snugborough Trading Estate, Union Mills, and in our second home at Tynwald Mills, Lifestyle Furniture at the Mill.

Summer Sale Offers Throughout Our Stores

This year, you’ll discover a plethora of special promotional offers throughout our main showroom, as well as in our second home for boutique collections and premium designer brands, Lifestyle Furniture at the Mill.

From beautifully crafted beds and sensational mattresses to our famously sumptuous sofas, living and dining sets and furniture, accessories, and luxurious garden furniture, we have everything your home’s been waiting for.

Sofas & Dining: Up to 50% Off Display Ranges

Ready to give your living or dining room a little summer loving? We’re offering up to 50% off on our display range of sofas and dining sets.

Lounge in comfort with our stylishly crafted sofas, available in a variety of sizes and fabrics, or enjoy family meals and divine entertaining around one of our exquisite dining sets.

Up to 50% off Garden Furniture

With blue skies and golden rays, there’s no better time to take it outside.

Transform your garden or patio space into a luxurious oasis with up to 50% off our collection of beautifully made garden furniture, from outdoor dining sets to bars and more.

The Lifestyle Furniture Summer Sale is now on

Pop in to Lifestyle Furniture at Snugborough Trading Estate, Union Mills, or explore carefully curated collections of world-class designer brand items in Lifestyle Furniture at the Mill, The Courtyard, Tynwald Mills, St John’s.

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Style up for 2023 in our January Sale

New year? It’s the perfect time for new style.

After the rush and bustle of the festive period fades away, the start of another turn around the sun can often feel a little bleak. The decorations come down, the diet ads ramp up, and everything just seems duller.

But we don’t believe in boring. A new beginning is here and there’s no better moment to breathe fresh life into your home.

To help get your 2023 started in the most stylish way possible, our bold and beautiful January Sale is now on… and it really is our biggest yet! Throughout the month in both our main showroom and our second home at Tynwald Mills, we will be featuring amazing reductions on our most comfortable beds, cosiest vibrant sofas and breathtaking furniture.

Fancy some interior inspiration before you pop in? We’ve got you covered.

Here’s our five top tips to help you beat the tired-style blues:

1. Get cosy

The gloom can really hit hard in January. But when it’s chilly and grey outdoors, we think it’s a great excuse to really embrace all things cosy! Fluffy blankets, throw pillows and warm lighting can help your space feel warm, welcoming, and wonderful.

2. Declutter

This time of year, it’s all about hygge — the Danish art of contentment and all-round comfy. A big part of this sacred state of Scandi wellbeing is the ability to live minimally. There’s where getting your clutter under control can really help. Think about reorganising your space and bask in the calming tidiness.

3. Refresh with Fabulous Fabrics

From bedding to curtains, fresh textiles can add glam to any room for a quick and easy new year’s new look. In the dark days of winter there’s nothing we love more than decking out with plush and fluffy fabrics in divine warming colours.

4. Greenery makes great scenery

Let’s face it: nature has all the best looks — and we don’t half miss seeing the leaves, blossom and floral wonders offered up in the brighter months. Dot your home with easy-care houseplants such as succulents and spider plants for a true touch of nature.

5. Get colourful

Stepping out to bare trees and sombre skies? Add it to the growing list of midwinter ‘meh’. That’s why your home should feel like an escape from the murk. Going big and bold with colour can make all the difference. Experiment with painting accent walls and adding dazzling accessories for those essential pops of spirit-lifting goodness.

Treat your home for 2023 in the Lifestyle Furniture January Sale.

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