Levitate Diamond 2200 – Kaymed

The Kaymed Diamond 2200 mattress combines 2200 individual pocket springs, with the deepest layer of Therma-Phase temperature regulating visco elastic material, created to prevent the build up of unwelcome body heat during the night. Therma-Phase is a pressure relieving high density material, containing Hyper-Conductive phase-change crystals and copper particles.

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The phase-change crystals work by constantly absorbing and releasing body heat to maintain the ideal sleep surface temperature. The copper infusion works as a super-fast conductor, quickly moving heat to and from the mattress surface as required. In combination with the pocket springs, Therma-Phase is designed to respond immediately to any body movements, further ensuring optimum level of comfort.

Available in sizes:

  • Single (90cm/3ft)
  • Small Double (120cm/4ft)
  • Double (135cm/4ft6)
  • King (150cm/5ft)
  • Superking (180cm/6ft)

The highly pressure relieving graphite based visco-elastic material contains Kaymeds patented phase-change crystals, that work by constantly storing and releasing your body heat to regulate the mattress surface temperature. Graphite is a thermal “hyper-conductor” and is combined with copper microbeads infused into the material – with both acting as the thermal pathway to move heat to and from the phase change crystals. This enhanced thermal conductivity allows the Levitate™ material to transfer heat up to seven times faster than gel foams.

This mattress is one-sided and doesn’t require turning. You should, however rotate the mattress regularly. All accessories pictured are not included.