Mattsons Sleep Systems

A Monument to Elegance, Comfort and Craft.

Every Mattsons bed is handmade in Falkenberg, Sweden with only the best local Swedish materials. No exceptions. No shortcuts. Just a steady focus on delivering genuine, long lasting quality. Every time.

Rich in tradition.

With nearly two centuries of history and mostly local distribution – mainly so in Scandinavia in addition to the building and delivering of custom orders to clients around the world.

Please enquire in store for more details, order options and prices.



To be embraced by a hand-tufted bed by Mattsons is like touching cashmere for the first time, after wearing coarse wool against your skin your entire life. Your body will feel weightless, and you’ll soon drift off into a dreamlike state of blissful sleep, safely resting on only the finest natural materials. It will be the beginning of a new way for your body and mind to rest, in which you’ll find out how well you’re actually capable of sleeping, and how incredible that can make you feel.

  • 12cm Swedish slow grown pine frame.
  • Layer of GOTS organic cotton to protect the pine frame.
  • 13cm Swedish tempered pocket springs.
  • Layers of GOTS organic cotton, New Zealand Tokowool, flax and fine spun horsehair.
  • 13cm Swedish tempered pocket springs.
  • Layers of GOTS organic cotton, New Zealand Tokowool and fine spun MCC™ horsehair from South America.
  • Reinforced corners with coconut coir fiber and flax for extra stability around the mattress.