Summer at Home with Lifestyle

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.”

Summer. What is it to you?

Long, lazy days soaking up the rays by the beach? Sheltering in the shade with a cheeky Calippo? Throwing the paddling pool at the kids while you nurse something sweet, fruity and just a little boozy from the comfort of your favourite sun lounger?

Sheer. Bliss.

As the mercury hits “please stop, I’m melting” and rain clouds become but a distant memory—well, maybe not so much here on our loveably unpredictable island—the primal pull of the great outdoors becomes irresistible. But what about the great indoors?

For us at Lifestyle, summer is vibrant, vivacious, dazzling. It’s light and life; warmth and nostalgia. Reflecting all that seasonal colour, energy and brightness in your home’s décor is a wonderful way to connect with those glorious summer vibes all year round.

And as you get ready for sunny days to come, we’ve chosen a few favourites to help inspire your own Summer at Home. True to our ethos, each piece of furniture has been hand-picked to give you a diverse choice of items, pairing pristine quality and on trend interior design.

Want to take a closer peek at our stylish selection? Visit our showroom to enjoy special offers on our Summer at Home items and more. To keep you safe as you shop, we have extensive measures in place including hand sanitiser, floor markings, gloves and safety signs.

You can also book your very own Personal Appointment between 5pm – 8pm weekdays, or at a time that suits you best. Simply contact us by phone or email.

Sitting Pretty.

From the sun lounger to sumptuous lounging.

Whether you’re considering a cosy cuddler or a spacious corner, a brand new sofa is a joyful thing.

Let's Dine.

It’s not all barbecues.

On those long summer evenings, these gorgeous dining tables, benches and chairs make beautiful use of natural wood, bringing the al fresco feel indoors.

Raising the Bar.

Now here’s a treat.

Beautiful, refined and just little indulgent, a bar and wine rack is a delightful addition to your dining and entertaining space.

Perfect for reliving those summer holiday memories… and making brand new ones!

Enjoy Summer at Home with Lifestyle.

For special offers on these items and more, visit the Lifestyle Furniture showroom. We’re open 7 days a week.

Spring Refresher

Spring Refresher: 5 ways to bring the sunshine into your home

There’s no doubt we’re living through strange times.

Embarking on the morning coffee run. Popping to the shops for a good mooch. Seeing out a long week in your favourite haunt, surrounded by all your besties.

Everything we knew has been flipped. And for so many of us, adjusting to our new isolated lives has been difficult. It’s a struggle that’s particularly magnified here on our beloved Island, where our sense of community means so much to us.

Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone? (Thank you, Joni Mitchell!)

Though we’re more physically apart than ever, we’ve all been brought together in our efforts to protect society’s most vulnerable. We share a single powerful purpose: wash your hands, stay indoors and save lives.

While we’re all getting used to the new normal, we’ve temporarily shut our showroom’s doors here at Lifestyle Furniture. However, our wonderful team is still on hand to help you source the perfect piece for your home. It just might take a little longer than usual…!

And while you’re safe indoors, we also want to inspire you.

Is there any sweeter feeling than pulling back the curtains first thing, fully expecting another cold and murky morning, only to be met with warming rays of Manx sunshine?

Spring is in full bloom. And yes, it’s not quite the season we were all expecting. Luckily, there’s still so much you can do to let the light in!

Here are five top tips to refresh your home’s look this spring, creating a bright and breezy vibrant space ready for the sunnier months.

Grab a cuppa, snuggle up, and let your creativity flow.

1. Shelf Life

Subtle and elegant. Weird and wonderful.

Whatever your style, a new eye-catching object or ornament can liven up the most barren of bookcases, mantelpieces and coffee tables.

Lovely to look at—and wonderful conversation starters!

2. Flower Power


The easiest way to freshen up a room? Bring the blossoming outdoors in.

There’s nothing like the natural beauty of flowers and plants to add that spring fresh feel, with vivid colours and scents flowing into every corner of your home.

3. Revivify with Rugs

Think of a rug as the final ingredient that brings a room together.

Be bold. Be brilliant. Experiment with zesty colours and striking patterns for vibrant bursts of indoor sunshine.

4. Sofa? So Good!

Has your couch seen better days? Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade.

‘Chunky’ furniture is particularly trendy in 2020, making deep, super-cosy, sink-in sofas a homely and stylish choice.

Click here to take a look at some of our loveliest and comfiest, from cuddler chairs to 2, 3 and 4 seaters and modular corner sofas.

5. New Bed Time

What could be more refreshing than a good night’s sleep? A solid 7-8 hours can boost your mood, keep your heart healthy, and help you deal with the stresses of everyday life.

And studies show you can get up to 42 minutes extra sleep in a brand new bed. So, when you choose a comfy new bed and mattress it isn’t just a luxury—it’s an investment in your health and wellbeing!

Here at Lifestyle, we think you’ll love our Somnus luxury beds from Harrison Spinks.

Based in Yorkshire, the master bedmaker’s creations start life on a 300-acre farm, where prize sheep provide the all-natural, sustainable mattress fillings. Coupled with the company’s innovative Sensa Intelligent Pocket Springs, these are beds that are perfectly designed to support your body, giving you the rest of your life.

Ready to spruce your space?

Inspire your spring transformation with our eclectic range of living, bedroom, dining and kids bedroom furniture, along with our dazzling selection of décor and lighting.


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